The Mad Capper is a completely free-to-read NFL handicapping blog. In the months leading up to the season and throughout it, I will provide my insight to determine what I perceive to be the bets that carry the most value. I will place informal wagers on these odds and track my progress throughout the year. The goal is to help people win as much as possible and have fun doing so.

Before the season, my posts will consist of finding value in season win total and prop bets as well as previews of the upcoming season. I will put out one new post per week, but expect that post to be saturated with football content that will keep your summer football hunger satisfied.

Once the season is finally here, my posts will focus on identifying the most valuable bets on a weekly basis. There will be two new posts every week – an early week post where I discuss my early bets and leans for the upcoming week, and a late week post where I go into my late bets for the week and early leans for the following week. The exact days of the week in which these posts are released may differ, which is why I’m sticking to this early week – late week format.

In addition to the posts, I will be regularly updating my Power Ratings of all 32 teams in the league. Power Ratings are essential for proper NFL handicapping, as without them you wouldn’t have a basis for comparing two teams that could play each other in any given week. The Power Ratings section will show the most recent Power Ratings along with all of the older ones.

I will be tracking every wager I write about under the Pending Wagers and Graded Wagers sections, with the latter showing my total unit count on the season. This will make it easy for everyone to see how well or how poorly I am doing.

I’m going to make every one of my posts as informative and as fun as possible. I love cracking jokes, so they will most certainly be making their way into my football analysis. If I can successfully do that while raking in some dough, then this blog will be highly enjoyable for you all.

In addition to my juicy NFL handicapping, each post will have a segment where I talk about something aside from football. These segments will help spice things up and allow me to talk about whatever I want. I have six different segments in total, so you will see one of these six in every post.

Mad Money – This segment will cover any bad beats in the sports gambling universe, be it NFL or another sport. Sometimes I’ll be cracking jokes at the losing party’s expense, but other times I’ll be venting after being screwed over on a bet that should’ve been a winner.

U Mad Bro? – If I ever need to rant about something unrelated to sports betting, it will be done through this segment. Expect to see this every time Drake releases a new song.

It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World – I’ll use this segment to give my take on a crazy story. There won’t be any political talk – after all, the only tea party The Mad Capper cares about is the one with Alice. Expect lighter stories that provide plenty of opportunities for jokes.

Mad Now Disease – As I’m sure you all know, it doesn’t take much to get people riled up nowadays. I enjoy making fun of these people, and in this segment I’ll be doing just that.

M.A.D. – Mutually Assured Degeneracy – In addition to betting on the NFL, I’ll also wager on other sports and sporting events, and even some events outside of the sports realm. If I have a fun bet that I like, I’ll detail it in this segment.

Mad Dog 20/200 – While tipping my cap to the finest of adult beverages, I’ll use this segment as a sort of last resort to generate entertainment. “Dog” is short for underdog, and 20/200 vision is the cutoff point for being legally blind in America. Put the two together and you have the idea behind this segment – I blind bet a huge underdog (in any sport) with a small wager in hopes of winning big. Can I find the Leicester City of the Danish Handball League? Probably not, but I’ll try anyways.